3 Documents to Obtain After Buying a Landed Property in Nigeria


3 document to obtain after buying a landed property in Nigeria may not be important to some people but it’s ultimately compulsory to obtain this documents.

Once you’ve acquired your new house or apartment, it’s important to protect your investment by getting all the necessary documents prepared and recorded at once. Here are three easy steps for doing just that:

      1. Land Survey

What is a land survey?

A land survey is the process of measuring the size, shape and location of your property. It’s an essential step in putting together an accurate and complete legal document that will be used for transferring title to your property.

Why is a land survey necessary? A land survey is necessary in order to verify the size and shape of your property. This will ensure that you have accurate information about all of the boundaries, as well as any easements or encroachments onto the land.

In addition, it’s important to have a full diagram of your property so that you can plan any future construction or renovations effectively. A land survey is also necessary if you’re planning on selling your property. A professional surveyor will be able to provide you with a report that shows all of the boundaries, easements and encroachments onto your land. This information can help you price your home more accurately, as well as determine whether any improvements need to be made before it hits the market. If you’re looking for a professional land surveyor in your area, contact us today. We offer a full range of surveying services and can help you with any property issues that may arise.


What to do if you have a land survey?

If you already have one, great! If not, then don’t worry because we can help. We offer free consultations on how best to obtain one with our professional team here at [our contact number]. Or if this is too much hassle for now just let us know when we see each other next week so we can discuss options then later down the line once again if you need one we can help out.

2.  Receipt

Receipts are documents that prove you have paid for something. It is different from title deeds and other legal documents, as they do not show ownership or any other rights of ownership but rather a proof of payment. Receipts are useful in case of disputes with the seller because they will show that you actually bought the land or property. A receipt can be issued to a buyer, seller and even third parties. Receipts are used in many situations; they are issued when someone pays for goods or services, as proof of employment, or by officials when collecting taxes. They can also be used as a receipt of purchase.

3.  Land title document

The land title document is a document that shows the ownership of the property. It should be signed by the seller, buyer and notary public. The land title document should also be stamped by the registry. The land title document is a very important document that shows the ownership of land. This is one of the most important documents in any transaction involving real estate. The seller will usually have to provide you with this document before you can pay for your property. 4. Certificate of title registration The certificate of title registration is a document that shows the ownership of land. The seller will usually have to provide you with this document before you can pay for your property. The certificate of title registration should also be stamped by the registry.

The seller must sign his name on both sides of this document (i.e., one side with his thumbprint). You can also get an electronic version of it if you want one instead of using paper copies when registering your purchase at a registry office or embassy office where they provide services related to immigration matters such as issuing visas for people coming into Nigeria from other countries who need them for work purposes etcetera . The next step is to go to the registry office and get a copy of your land title document. This will cost you N10,000 – N20,000 depending on where you are in Nigeria.

Get the right documents to protect your property

You should have the following three documents before buying a property in Nigeria:

  • A valid title deed from your government
  • A mortgage deed from your bank
  • An electricity connection agreement signed by the seller and you (if applicable)


We’ve covered 3 documents to obtain after buying a landed property in Nigeria.

We hope you will implement these steps before acquiring a land.

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